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IELTS 7 Plus: Complete IELTS Preparation [Academic]

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IELTS Preparation for all sections of the academic IELTS test.

12 reviews for IELTS 7 Plus: Complete IELTS Preparation [Academic]

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  1. Arbind Yadav

    I had my exam on Tuesday, Dec 27 of this month and I had a preparation of 4 days. I managed to score 7.5 overall band, with 7.0 in speaking and 7.5 in the rest of the sections. Something I really wanted to share from my fast-paced learning over here is:

    1. Although I couldn’t complete this course, even with the 2x speed, it is
    a well-organized and practical course to get enrolled in.
    2. I like the way the instructor has focused on using good and less amount of vocabulary in writing and speaking. I used around 15 vocabularies at most in Writing task 2. Don’t go crazy about using high-end vocabulary unless you know the relevant context of using it.
    3. I found Reading a little bit difficult as my set had a lot of true/false and heading types of questions. Although you will have an ample amount of time to do the reading section, Please HIGHLIGHT texts and sentences while skimming through the passages, and don’t get into the mindset that the DIFFICULTY level INCREASES from 1 to 3 all the time. I found 3rd easier than 1st and 2nd. Firstly, solve the passage you find more familiar and easier to deal with.
    4. In the Writing Section, I attempted Task 2 first and I lost a bit of time there, but it was worth it. what I did was
    1. Analyze the question type first
    2. Wrote down all the relevant 10-15 vocabs
    3. Wrote down some phrases and then connectives
    4. Supporting Paragraph 1 –> 2-3 points
    5. Supporting Paragraph 2 –> 2-3 points
    6. Organized the contents and used vocabulary and phrases and connectives while restructuring. I did not go beyond 350 words. I spent around 50 minutes in there so I lost the time tracking. BE AWARE.
    5. In Speaking Section, I had the least experience. I tried to be a Natural Speaker. I used some phrases and some vocab( at max 5-7) and I had a bit of repetition while answering. Those were my mistakes and my question was a bit off the IELTS general topics so I had to think a lot before speaking. However, my fluency was a great filler for stammering and other issues. I scored 7.0 without prior practice.

    – Please make sure you’re focusing on quality over quantity. I was targeting 6.5 from 4 days of practice and I was pretty sure I would score 6.0 in the worst case. Well, I am satisfied with the score and this course is a great starter for the preparation if you have more time. However, if you still are left with some time after this course, work on Task 1 for writing from other sources as well. Thanks, everyone.

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  2. Sai Gangasani

    This course has really helped me score good marks in IELTS. I’m writing this review after Giving my exam and I Have received overall band of 7.0. thanks for the lecturers and all the best for upcoming test takers

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  3. Oktadianti Kartika Padmansih

    Hi David.

    Thank you for making this a helpful course. I took an IELTS test last week and got a 7.0 band for my score. I am so glad I found and spent my time on this course. For the learner, keep on learning and practice more on speaking and writing, which need a lot of time to exercise.

    Thank You 🙂

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  4. Ari A Olvera Badillo

    Great course, I studied for almost 4 weeks and deliver a band 6.5 overall score to fill academic documentation. Thanks a lot !

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  5. Isabella H

    A great course, covers everything that is needed for the exam. I scored band 8 with two months of preparation.

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  6. Rosa Carolina Ayala Calvo

    I found this course very useful, and exceeded my expectations. I got a good result in the IELTS academic at the end. You need to take this course one or two months before taking the test as is very long, and combine with some online exercises to get used to the IELTS platform if you present a computer test.

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  7. Benjamin simon

    Amazing course. i had to come back and give a review. although i come from an English speaking country, i just needed to get the basic idea on how to go about the exam. i took the exam some weeks back and got a 7.5 band. i studied just this course for 4 days (2 hours every day). i absolutely recommend this course. and i recommend spending a reasonable amount of time on reading and listening. for me, they took the longest to answer and had so much information to go through. 5 stars for a 5 star course. cheers.

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  8. Isha Sharma

    This course has provided me with the basic idea of IELTS exams, which I was looking for.

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  9. Nadia binti Kamal

    It was very easy to follow. David left an abundance of resources and examples for us to practice with. I took the exam after going through this course and achieved an overall band score of 8.0. Thank you, David!

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  10. Mohammed magdy

    It is a very intensive course about Ielts academic exam, actually I always recommend this course for my friends who intend to take the exam, I began studying before the test for about 20 days and this course was my main source and I believe that it helped me very much to get overall band 7.

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  11. Zulekha Noor

    i have learned alot from this course this helped me alot

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  12. Soumyakeshwani

    This course has everything you need to score high on your test. Took this course, practiced with some mock exams and scored 8 bands on IELTS. Definitely recommended!

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    IELTS 7 Plus: Complete IELTS Preparation [Academic]
    IELTS 7 Plus: Complete IELTS Preparation [Academic]


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