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Creating 3D Environments in Blender Tutorial

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Learn Blender 3.2, explore Geometry Nodes and create wonderful 3D environments

12 reviews for Creating 3D Environments in Blender Tutorial

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  1. Enrico Brancher

    Exactly what i was looking for,
    The only thing i dislike about it, is that i need to watch both the 2.8 and 2.9 versions of the same course to complete it.

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  2. Matheus Santos

    Amazing course, the professional level of the coure is 10! everything explained, not only a recipe to do things but the enought knowledge to create your own stuff. thankyou very much Rob for this course!

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  3. Marcelo Etcheverry

    Muy buen curso, muy bien explicado, siguen actualizándolo y agregando mas contenido, totalmente recomendable.
    Lo único que podría criticar son los subtítulos, muchas veces las palabras no tienen ningún tipo de sentido con lo que esta comunicando el profesor, por lo que podría confundir mucho a personas que no entiendan nada de ingles.
    Aun así se agradece que cursos que estén en otro idioma agreguen subtítulos.

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  4. Alba Abellán

    As someone with previous experience with other 3D modeling softwares such as maya, I can see that even if I’m learning with this course, I’m lacking so much important parts of it. This can be great for a single-shot environment image, but even with that, you’ll need quite a decent PC since there are veeery little optimization techniques applied. In all the lessons there is huge amounts of geometry not needed, no instances, 4k textures for places almost invisible, and a long etc… This is my major issue with this course, along with the fact that I feel that the teacher does many things in a very clunky way, and sometimes i feel like I know more about blender than him while I’ve been modeling for roughly a year (probably just my impression).

    Even though I’m critizising it a little too hard, you’ll definitely learn a lot, and I am learning a lot. Plus you’ll get a lot of nice assets and textures, and you can make a great portfolio from this! And well, you’ll learn to do this by hand instead of with generators, so this course will allow you to have more freedom when creating your assets than a normal generator would do.

    Maybe I just expected something more professional and feasible (most companies will not accept this super high performance workflow) from the most sold blender course I’ve seen.

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  5. Jasper

    Old Grade
    You can follow the course if you have a little bit of experience in blender. I find especially within geometry nodes there could be more explanations what specific nodes do.

    New Grade
    So after following the course for a while now, I have to lower the grade. Most of the lectures are basically a follow along without any explanation. This is not exactly hard , but I feel that due to the lack of explanation on why we are doing certain steps you learn very little.

    Literally 90 percent of the time the teacher is just doing stuff and commenting on WHAT he does instead of explaining WHY he does it.

    Overall the results are nice, but you learn very little for such an amount of time.

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  6. Özlem Yılmaz

    Amazing course, I learned many useful things about Blender. I really enjoyed. Thank you Eric and Rob. Highly recommend to you all.

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  7. Olaf Deuper

    Dieser Kurs ist phantastisch. Die ständigen Überarbeitungen und Anpassungen an die neuen Blender-Versionen ist vorbildlich. Mein absoluter Favorit ist die Erstellung der Materialien mittels Überblendung.
    Toller Kurs mit vielen Tipps und Tricks!

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  8. Tushar Honyalkar

    This course was really amazing and also liked its every chapter of the course from making simple environment to complex

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  9. Sunil G

    Explained in detail

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  10. Andre Minare Ho

    Just finished chapter 5 and I don’t think I will continue this course. I did learn a lot and it did help me to create my first 3D environment scene but there are some serious issues that need to be addressed. The main problem is the badly optimized scenes, which will constantly crash both the viewport and render unless your PC is really powerful. The photoscans for the rocks and trees are good, but they need to go through a process of optimization before being thrown into a scene (the textures and displacement should be doing the hard work instead of the geometry). The course also needs way more “why do something” instead of “how to do something”. Also, it would be nice if each lecture was teaching you something different, but there are way too many lectures where you either learn nothing or it teaches you something that was already covered way back which makes the course hard to watch (this is the main reason why I am stopping at chapter 6). The two main positives in the course: It teaches how to scatter objects with Geometry nodes, and it demonstrates a nice workflow for creating a nature landscape scene.

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  11. Zackary Bixby

    The instructor is very knowledgeable, and the lectures are very in depth.

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  12. Ronald Veldhuizen

    What a ride it was! Great course with lot’s to learn. When going to create landscapes this course is a must! Thanks Rob!

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    Creating 3D Environments in Blender Tutorial
    Creating 3D Environments in Blender Tutorial


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