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Complete Web Design: from Figma to Webflow to Freelancing

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3 in 1 Course: Learn to design websites with Figma, build with Webflow, and make a living freelancing.

12 reviews for Complete Web Design: from Figma to Webflow to Freelancing

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  1. Shruti Mathur

    Very happy that I completed the course and learned so many things. The fundamentals of tools like Figma and webflow are really hard to grasp if there is no proper structure provided to them online, but after taking this course it was simplified so much so that you learn to reverse engineer and sort things out yourself if you feel lost.
    As Vako recommends returning to the lessons time and time again to refresh your memory, this will serve as a reference for all things in the design & development process when doing things outside this course after completion. This a very good course to get started in your web design journey. Thank you Vako.

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  2. Joanne Still

    I thought this course was amazing. The quality of the tuition is first-class. Easy-to-follow lessons that are well structured so you can go back to the parts you need when you want to. I just can’t say enough good stuff about Vako and his fabulous training. I’m an experienced graphic designer and I learned so much, even on the design side. I’m looking forward to putting my new skill to the test!

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  3. David Belley-Fortin

    I really liked that course. Lots of lessons and well explained. I really recommend this course for everyone who is serious about learning about web design.

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  4. Lodeki Eyase Jerry

    I did not know anything about Figma or Webflow upon starting this course but now I am confident enough to handle tasks. Vako Shvili is a good instructor with fine English.

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  5. Doriana Kalaj

    Great course, I really learned a lot!

    I wasn’t a complete beginner, I already had some experience with Webflow and Figa. However, I must say that I learned many things and recently started offering my service.

    It would be great if there was a section where instead of using px, you used more of the responsive measures like em, rem, vh, vw, etc. Using these measures would make the development process faster in the long run.

    However, I am very satisfied with this course and I recommend it!

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  6. Iwona Papież

    This course was truly exceptional, with Vako demonstrating exceptional teaching abilities. He provided a step-by-step guide on how to design a website in Figma and transform it into a responsive website using Webflow. Additionally, the tips on freelancing offered in the course were insightful and practical, making it easier for students to understand the process and succeed in their ventures. Overall, this course is a great resource for anyone looking to improve their web design and development skills and make a living as a freelancer.

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  7. Regina Hill

    I learned a lot during this course, and I feel confident that I will be able to implement what I learned into my own designs and websites! Vako is a great instructor who cares about his students. He answers questions in a timely manner and will even give screen recorded instructions for better clarity when needed. One thing to improve the course would be a lesson explaining how Flexbox works. But, overall, this was a great course. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to build no-code websites. Thank you, Vako!

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  8. Vlad Boichuk

    Amazing course, Vako covers all the three important aspects of web design. The design theory (which many instructors skip), the technical part of both programs (Figma and Webflow) and how to find a job.

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  9. Prayag Tandon

    A great course to learn good concepts of Web design and Webflow development.
    The course in my opinion is a 3 in 1 course which provides the material for 3 courses at the cost of a single course.
    1. Great web design skills explained.
    2. Got to learn a new technology named “Webflow” which helps to build websites with ease.
    3. And a great freelancing course that helps to earn some extra bucks.

    And the best thing about this course is Vako. He is always ready to help whoever has a doubt and always have a detailed explanation for everything.

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  10. James

    Thank you very much. A great course filled with all the needs to becoming a freelancer. I wasn’t familiar with either Webflow or Figma before this course and now I fly through them with ease. Thank you very much. This course was truly life changing. Let’s hope I can kick start my freelancing career and turn this into a full time job by the end of 2023

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  11. Frederick Gitto

    This course is the sh*t!! Every lecture was interesting and I learned so much! The pace was perfect to me. Short 5-10 mins videos and plenty of relevant Assignments to do on our side to practice. Well structured, pleasant to get through and well made for a total beginner like me! Solid instructor, speaking fluently and easy to understand. Vako shares so much experience that I probably saved months or even years of trials or making mistakes. I waited until I reach 100% completion before writing this review but I know since to first third that I’d give 5***** to this course. I have not started my Upwork and Fiverr journey so far but the tips and hints in the freelancing section are really relevant.

    Thank you Vako! You were with me on a daily basis for +8 weeks and I’d say I will miss you!! Haha!!

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  12. Sreekar Vanam

    I am so glad that I had learnt much enough about web designing, also so many techniques behind it and how it actually works
    Mr. Vako did great job , he is very good at teaching (apart from designing) and I like the way he went through the course, It helped me a lot to get this course.

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    Complete Web Design: from Figma to Webflow to Freelancing
    Complete Web Design: from Figma to Webflow to Freelancing


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