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Learn everything from Algebra 1 and Algebra 2, then test your knowledge with 1,150+ practice questions

12 reviews for Become an Algebra Master

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  1. Terence Gillespie

    Who needs Kahn Academy with their “Common Core” nonsense when you can have Krista King helping you climb the Math ladder all the way to the top with great technique and a smile and cheer in her voice?!

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  2. Chase Packer

    My bar for giving a review of a math course is low due to most math teachers having severely inadequate teaching/communication skills. Communication was clear, but I found myself having to go outside of the course a few times to youtube videos to develop a full understanding of some of the topics. Organization was good for the most part, but not so great in some instances. Elizabeth clearly answered questions in a timely fashion. I found myself wanting more practice problems. The finals seemed too easy. As far as the curriculum goes, I can’t comment, but I think the relevant topics were covered.

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  3. Andre Visser

    Originally, I purchased this course to help me prepare for the GED Maths section. I completed the algebra 1 section and found it to be an excellent primer for the GED exam. The material is, if you pick out the specific relevant topics (basically the Algebra 1 section), excellent for the GED. Krista walks you through step-by-step and gives you exact procedures to accomplish specific types of questions.

    However, more recently, I had to get a separate set of qualifications to be accepted into my university of choice. This involved doing the international Cambridge A Levels in Mathematics. After having studied for that, I decided to complete this course as a way to review (and for fun, and so I could see it at 100%). While it was an interesting review, with a couple of bits even being new, it suddenly felt extremely basic. The videos don’t provide a deep understanding of the mechanisms behind the mathematics and the practice questions are exceedingly trivial barely reaching the level of even the easiest A-Level questions.

    Which brings me to the conclusion that this course is excellent for beginners, great for a refresher, but it doesn’t quite prepare you for the level of difficulty that you’d be facing on higher level maths courses. But I don’t think that’s a bad thing. When I was studying for the GED, this course was exactly what I needed. Now, years later, it was something fun to do, and it did in fact serve as a good refresher.

    If you pair this course with a challenging textbook, then pretty much all my criticisms go away. From the course you’d have: the easy to follow step-by-step videos to ease you into new concepts, notes for quick review, and basic practice questions to check comprehension. From the textbook: you’d have a deeper dive into the mechanisms behind the mathematics, and significantly more challenging questions to really stretch your abilities.

    In conclusion I’d say:
    9/10 for beginners.
    8/10 as a refresher.
    4/10 for those preparing for more challenging exams and those wanting to learn mathematics at a deeper level, but with a textbook this becomes a 8/10.

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  4. Marian Franc

    I am enjoying the course, it is made very well, when I get stuck I go back and review the last video and try again with my calculations and it works, of course I remember many things from school and I learn all this in English now, so sometimes I have difficulties, but that’s what I wanted – to learn and get out of my comfort zone :D. Beautiful course and I hope I will make it to the calculus – derivations and integrals and their usage in real life – that is what I aim for, and I have a trust in Krista’s courses now that they will bring me there.

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  5. Valeriya Grant

    Great class! Easy to understand. I really appreciate the large quantity of exercises, this makes difference. In learning quantity becomes quality. This is being overlooked in so many otherwise great classes.

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  6. David Gray

    I would like more practice problems. I need more practice problems. The only way I’m going to get really good at this is to do a shit-ton of problems.

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  7. Derek Novak

    Excellent course! The information is given in a very methodical and clear manner. The instruction never felt overly repetitive, yet somehow I found myself with plenty of practice. It’s clear a lot of time and energy went into creating this course—thank you, Krista!

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  8. Asaf Rodenscky

    good class. broken down to understandable chunks. teacher explains the material in easy to understand examples and ideas. love it!

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  9. Izamar Sanchez Dominguez

    I am watching this in 2x speed since I need a refresher for calc 2 and I cannot express how helpful this has been. Things I had forgotten are just coming back like nothing because of the amazing work put into these lessons. Thank you so much Krista!! I have bought the trig, calc 1 and calc2 as well. I hope I can finish by Monday (in 3 days) haha! At least up to calc1. So far I feel super confident with factoring and graphing/ all the exponent and quotient rules, which gave me a bit of trouble in calc1.

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  10. Akash Singh

    I am extremely impressed by the quality of the content. The instructor made the lessons both interesting and informative. The course was well structured with clear explanations and plenty of examples to help with understanding. The quizzes were challenging and helped reinforce the material. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their algebra skills. It was a fantastic learning experience!

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  11. Jasmin Osman-Hamilton

    This course is so easy to understand and has so many questions to test your Math knowledge. It has give me the boost I needed to continue on with my education. Brilliant course!

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  12. Ronald Montgomery

    Great class. Excellent explanations

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