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Advanced Google Analytics 4 Implementation with Tag Manager

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Learn advanced GA4 custom data collection, customization, ecommerce implementation with Google Tag Manager

12 reviews for Advanced Google Analytics 4 Implementation with Tag Manager

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  1. Davide Strati

    Corso molto interessante ed approfondito sull’uso di JS nel recupero dei dati provenienti dal proprio e-commerce e la loro gestione in GA4.
    Non proprio semplice se non si ha già una conoscenza, anche basilare, di javascript. L’insegnante procede con molta calma, spiegando in maniera dettagliata i passaggi che esegue.

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  2. Carsten

    Very detailed only thing I miss is a file for each modification because i was running to some issues but my aim was to gather knowledge of implementations and opportunities fast.

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  3. Gary Malcolm

    Tough sections to learn

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  4. Abhinav Goyal

    I must say that the this a very good course
    1) Rudranil sir experience is amazing. Practical projects are used throughout the course.
    2) He guides step by step on how to do things even if you are a beginner.
    3) Ask any question and he will replay within 5-6 hours, with a detailed solution.

    Just go for this course. I loved it and learning a lot.

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  5. Gergely Halász

    Amazing course. Crystal clear instructor. Still @ halfway so I’m gonna update my review as I’m expecting much more, but so far so good.

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  6. Souvik Ghosh

    The courses are very detailed and structured along with great explanation from the facilitator. Though I was expecting bit of more Google Analytics 4 and it’s concepts explanation and it’s difference with UA.

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  7. Carmela Doria

    Thank you so much for creating this course! I have been searching for the best course to help me understand how to develop proper e-commerce data implementation, and this has been the best because of how detailed Neel was in explaining everything. I look forward to learning more from you through your other classes!

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  8. Ramez A. Sedra

    I would say that this course really fulfilled my needs and expectations. When I enrolled, I had a small understanding of GA4 and GTM. But now, I can say that I have good knowledge in almost every single aspect of both of them. The instructor provided us with a live walkthrough of a new project, a template to practice what we learn and how to set it up, sections for aspects related to coding in order to understand all aspects of GTM, all methods of implementation in GA4 and finally even discussed how to take GA4 Reports to the final step and create summary reports using Google Data Studio.
    Thank you, Neel, for such a great experience and such great course.

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  9. Jose Luis Montesino

    claro y conciso con casos reales y herramientas para instalar y funcionar y también los principios básicos de funcionamiento de las herramientas y lenguajes

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  10. Andrew

    This is really in depth. Exactly what I was looking for.

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  11. James Turner

    In general this is an excellent course, however it is very much an advanced course and requires coding skill to fully comprehend and implement. If you lack knowledge of Javascript (in particular), html and php, then I would look around for something more basic, as there are other ways to implement GA4 that will satisfy most companies. This is all clearly stated in the Overview though, so customers should know what they are getting with the course.

    The only reason I’ve dipped below a 5* review is because I found Rudranil to be quite flitty in his presentation style at times, particularly once the coding elements came to the fore. The content is at a high level, but with Rundranil jumping between sections of code so quickly, sometimes without a clear explanation as to why, I often found that some elements were difficult to follow in terms of how the conclusion had been reached come the end of the chapter, particularly if I was trying to write code at the same time.

    One solution to this would be a downloadable js file for each individual chapter, with comments on each section about what had been changed and why it was changed, referencing the other sections in the code that it related to. I appreciate this dumbs down a higher level course, but as a learner I need to have the option to reference why things are happening at every stage and that isn’t available here. For me, this meant I often had to write out the code and then watch the chapter so I could work out why things were being done, making it much more time consuming than it needs to be. Whilst I appreciate Rundranil may say that there is completed code documents available, they are sporadic, they don’t have comments to reference why decisions are made, and they certainly don’t show the process that learners go through to reach a conclusion – considering that things are often done in one way during one chapter and then adapted at a later chapter to make them more efficient, this adds further confusion for learners with the lack of commented code from the presenter to fall back on.

    Overall though, this is a very good course that generally does what it says on the tin, and it’s definitely one I will use to help with implementation going forward. You can tell the presenter is very enthusiastic about his topic, and a person who loves coding, and that makes the experience very positive for learners.

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  12. Shayan Yadegari

    I have seen different type of courses according to web analysing. this course is amazing, that cannot compare to other courses. also the instructor always answer the all the questions with best details. I want to say thank you for all your helps.

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    Advanced Google Analytics 4 Implementation with Tag Manager
    Advanced Google Analytics 4 Implementation with Tag Manager


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