The Most Comprehensive (86 hrs! ) Economics Course (Diploma)

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Oxford Diploma in Economics: Indian Economy, USA Economy, Australian Economy, Islam and Economics …

12 reviews for The Most Comprehensive (86 hrs! ) Economics Course (Diploma)

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  1. Monja Roindefo Zafitsimivalo

    I’ve been following this course entitled “The Most Comprehensive (86 hours) Economics Course (Diploma) since 6 months.
    It’s true that for someone seeking knowledge transfer as uploading information from one device to another and think it can be achieved in a one shot operation, this course may seem bewildering at the beginning and throughout its length.
    But I think that this course is not only high academic one, due to its high academic content, but it also addresses different topics, such as economics, public affairs and policy making, social impacts of public policies, European affairs and political bargaining, etc. And these can be transposed in discussions in different countries.
    I also think that this course is worth much more than $9.9 and its standard quality goes beyond those courses dispensed by IMF or World Bank for certain professionals and is accessible by everyone, even those in the poor countries like mine.
    As for myself who have served at some point in time in public policy management and making, this course is valuable ressources for sharpening and honing my economical, social and political critical thinking at the same time it reinforces and updates my knowledge in the various fields necessary to understand the real world.
    I seize the opportunity to thank Chris Siverwright for this great work and his abnegation and continuous effort to update it which renders the topicality of the course very impressive.
    I recommend it without restriction!
    Monja Roindefo Learner of the Course

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  2. Satvik Varma

    I am currently on lecture 179 and i thought that its high time that i give my review.
    This has to be THE BEST COURSE that Udemy can offer, for me personally I think that the reason for this is:
    1- The professor, Chris sir, is just so nice, he is not concerned if a student just enrols and finishes the course in a day or two but urges all of us to keep looking at the announcements, the Q/A and inbox constantly for our own benefit.
    2- The course in itself is so so up to date(especially if you have watched the walk along/ walk with me discussion lectures).
    3- The Q/A is well… a little bit inactive as few to none students ever respond to the comments or even ask a question/doubt but having said that i think that this is the course in which I was able to the most use of the Q/A and really interact with Chris sir and my fellow course mates.
    4- I know what i am writing might sound a bit of place but still (this point is mainly centred at the students), i would urge that if you enrol on this course you make the most out of it, there is just so and i mean sooooooooo much to learn from current affairs to business ideas and even an english course… i mean which teacher nowadays is concerned if a student can or cannot speak english properly or wants to learn more.

    Lastly, I am really grateful and thankful to Chris sir as now i have an opportunity to learn so much more, this course is very well structured(I know a lot of students say otherwise but believe me it really is very well structured) plus the amount of time Chris sir dedicates on each course (He has 57 courses if any of you reading this didn’t know that and believe me he asks a lot of questions on the other ones too) and finds the time to respond to almost each and every doubt/question.

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  3. Dianne King

    So far I am only 10% of the way through the course. The teaching style is certainly different to that on most courses, and I was initially unsure about it, but having just completed the section “Let’s chat about economics” I am now enjoying it. I suddenly feel as though I have learned just enough to start to understand what is going on around me – previously I deleted the newsletters I receive from an investment company without reading them and didn’t listen to what was being said about economics on the news because it mostly made little sense to me; now it is staring to make sense and I find it exciting, even if alarming. A new world has been opened up to me!

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  4. Natee

    Very nice question and explanation so far.

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  5. Nikola Maharajh

    I originally wrote a semi negative review on an early lecture (I thought it was on that lecture specifically and not the whole course. I am new to Udemy so that was my mistake)

    The course is very long and there’s a lot of sections on Covid19 and how it effects/effected the economy. This gets a little tiresome but it does do for great brain exercises and makes you reflect on real life scenarios, so I did find that useful.

    There’s a lot of homework to do, and youtube videos to watch. I did most of it, but not all. I do recommend doing this as you will learn a lot more and more in depth.

    He mentions many times to participate in the q&a. I recommend doing this where you can as it will challenge you to put your learning to the test and help you learn more.

    All in all, it is a great course. I learnt what I was looking to learn and can now apply this to my life.

    Thank you for the course Mr. Sivewright, and my apologies for the initial negative review.

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  6. Jenny van Alphen

    I enjoyed this course style and presentation. Also, more info than I expected and less difficult than I thought it would be. Thank you Chris Sivewright

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  7. Marco Adriano dos Santos

    I do simply love the professor metodology, here in Brazil it isn’t common to have this kind of study, study economics with’im makes me feel like I’m not in a course, it seems like I’m talking with a friend or better saying, talking with my grampa.

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  8. Miguel Garcia Jimenez

    I have expended 7 hours on this course and its so repetitive, and the excuse that this is a talk and that there might be people that can join at any time its not valid. This course has no structure and there are lectures that are just a slide with some links one has to go and investigate instead of having a formal lesson.

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  9. Denisa BUCUR

    You get highly motivated even from the beginning of the course. It is just what I need in 2022.

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  10. Leonid


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  11. Prasanna Kumar.T.J


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  12. Obi

    This course is very interesting thanks much for sharing your analysis and knowledge

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    The Most Comprehensive (86 hrs! ) Economics Course (Diploma)
    The Most Comprehensive (86 hrs! ) Economics Course (Diploma)

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