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Learn React 16, Redux, D3, ES2015, Testing, CSS Flexbox, Animations, SVG, AJAX, and more!

12 reviews for The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp

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  1. Darren Silke

    The course is outdated. The last update was in April 2018. The instructors don’t respond to any questions in the Q&A section. The content itself is good, just would be nice if it were updated.

    Except for Colt’s section, all the instructors’ sections seem very rushed with not much explanations. It’s difficult to follow along. Colt’s section in the course is great. Everything is explained in a way that’s easy to understand and follow along.

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  2. Alexander Boneham

    There is some really great material in here, but the course is too outdated to really rely on. I know others seemed to think it moved too fast but it didn’t come across that way for me (it requires some basic coding knowledge as a pre-req).
    I got a lot out of Elie’s advanced JavaScript section. I really enjoyed the challenges after each section. They were a good chance to test out each concept in a variety of ways. It was slow going learning ES5 before the modern syntax, but ultimately worth it.

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  3. Ethan Nguyen

    After having a great time with Colt’s Web Developer Bootcamp, I was hoping to further my knowledge with his advanced course. Unlike his beginner course, this feels a lot more outdated and having multiple instructors only adds to the confusion. The javascript fundamentals are great to learn, though I think you’re better off going for a js specific course if that’s what you’re looking to learn. A lot of the React content is also outdated. Hopefully this course gets a huge update like the other one, but until then I’d recommend you find something else.

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  4. Nicole D’Ambra

    Colt was fabulous and the material was really engaging. He explained everything really well, and I was able to apply the things I learned from him in the beginning sections to other projects. The the other instructions joined in and the course went south reallllll fast. Some people are good at teaching (Colt) and some are not (the rest of them). It became hard to follow along, nothing was explained well, and my interest in the course was completely gone. I can only recommend this course if you don’t have to pay for it and only for Colt’s sections. But at this point I wouldn’t even bother, Colt has put up a brand new, up-to-date (2022) version of his web dev course that I am enjoying so far.

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  5. Ryu Yoshioka

    There are interesting topics but many of those contents are outdated, especially on ReactJS and NodeJS. Lectures on basic fundamentals are still useful but it’s not suitable for someone who wants to learn with codes that you actually use today.

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  6. Deberoh Prentice

    Great match. Slightly hard but understandable.

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  7. Aron Siccardi

    El curso está desactualizado particularmente en las secciones del frontend en donde han ocurrido gran parte de los cambios y varias de las soluciones propuestas han sido reemplazadas por nuevos comandos.

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  8. Sumit Kumar

    Absolutely beautiful. This is one of the most well structured, well planned courses. The instructors are awesome and the content delivery is smooth. I feel lucky that I was able to chance upon this course and went for it. I want to sincerely thank the instructors for creating this educational masterpiece (including the other course). If you are someone thinking about getting this course, just go for it.

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  9. Ashish sharma

    So far so good, everything is well thaught and well detailed.

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  10. Conrad Neumann

    The content of this course is very large as usual for colts courses, so it is a useful tool to get a broad overview over technologies and methods. However, coming here after 3 other courses of Colt, this one was extremely disappointing. Big parts of the course are taught by some colleagues and not by Colt himself. While Colt is explaining everything so well and explains the reasons for every single line of code, the other tutors are just reading the lines they are coding and are not explaining why.
    Especially in the more complex parts (D3, React, Redux) you will come to a point where you are lost completely. Funny enough, the tutors will point at the official documentations lots of times and this was the actual way for me to get through this course. But the reason I buy courses is, to get a better explanation than the one in the documentation – this course definitely doesn’t provide this (except the lessons taught by Colt himself).
    Besides that, the course is very outdated, which I somehow didn’t get until I had bought it.

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  11. Bradon Valgardson

    Colt is a teacher. There are other course instructors that are great at what they do, but they are only okay at teaching. Colt break’s down the concepts so well. I wish I had started off with his courses from the start!

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  12. Haokai Mao

    So far so good. lectures are really interesting and understandable.

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    The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp
    The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp

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