Oxford Diploma in Microeconomics/Business courses ( 47+ hrs)

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Micro economics (Oxford Diploma) — Accredited; basic upwards (includes Business Microeconomics)

12 reviews for Oxford Diploma in Microeconomics/Business courses ( 47+ hrs)

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  1. Detelina Ivanova Asenova

    I like it! Macroeconomics and microeconomics are two sides of the coin of demand and supply. Microeconomics is important about individuals – households, and firms. The Government has planed his macroeconomics policies on firms’ supply and household demand.

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  2. Daniel Díaz Rangel

    Final edit:
    I just finished with all the classes from this course, participated extensively in the discussions and done most of the tasks assigned. What I can say is that it is both limited to basic concepts of microeconomics but heterogeneous at the same time. Regarding purely microeconomics, this course focuses heavily on Supply and Demand curves, Elasticity, Taxes and Subsidies, and Market Failures (particularly Externalities). The mathematics are seldom used, and are exclusively arithmetic; it does not use intermediate nor advanced mathematical approaches to solve problems (e.g. calculus is not employed).
    The course also touches on subjects such as, but not limited to, Behavioral Economics, Macroeconomics, Healthcare systems, the effects of COVID-19 in the economy, and also on topics unrelated to economics, like Mindfulness, Physical Exercise and Art Therapy.

    Positive aspects:
    • The professor is very supportive and constantly asks you things in the discussion forums to enrich your learning. He answers in a timely fashion and is 100% committed to the learning of his students.
    • Dedicate yourself to this course and at least try to obtain the Oxford Diploma, and you will learn about absolutely broad facets of the economy. You will be enriched with different tools (blogs, economic communities, books, newspaper articles, research papers, etc.) to support your understanding of the economy.
    • Because there are students from different parts of the world, the discussions are enriched with diversified perspectives.
    • The variety on the subjects is utterly interesting and enriching. You will learn many things both related and unrelated to economics, and will exercise your critical thinking.
    • On a previous review, I said that I wished there were more mathematical exercises. The professor then made a lecture specifically to recommend free courses which do have advanced analytics for economists, and he even recommended a few books free to download.

    Aspect to be patient with:
    • The subjects, lectures and tasks may seem repetitive at some point.
    • The Oxford Diploma is not something you can achieve in 4 months or less. With all the workbooks, investigations, comments and tasks assigned, it will probably take you about 6 to 8 months to achieve (maybe more), even if you have full-time availability to study. Beware, if you do decide to pursue the Diploma, the amount of work will most probably feel overwhelming.
    • The professor does not always answer questions in a straightforward manner; most of the time, he will ask questions back for you to research on the subject (I think this is positive, though).

    I agree with Chris Bankes when he says that the most important aspect of this course is to enjoy it and have fun while studying. So, you go and do that!

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  3. Mark Podafei

    This course deals with general concepts of microeconomics, which is quiet intelligible presented. However I found some of sections, which pursue the goal of deepening the knowledge not only boring because of lack of communication on the part of autor but also senseless as if it was made just to note an “enourmously long” durance of the course, that could be much shorter and wouldn’t lose anything in sense of information (in some sections you as a viewer just get an article without any kind of voice guidance or commenting while you read it and then listen to the explanation or even very often don`t get any). Another thing I personally wasn’t fond of is an uncomparable size of section where you learn something new to a mostly unnecessary bunch of sometimes even fully unrelated to the theme of the course stuff. Moreover, though the presentation is pretty understandable I was dissapointed how boring it is (just a lot of text on the black screen).

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  4. Sebastian Meyer

    In the following, I would like to take the opportunity to compose a short and fair rating on this course Microeconomics offered through the Oxford School of Learning in the UK. I have come across the course for more than one year and I can confirm to really enjoy as the lecturer is always very well prepared when it comes to updated topics and issues within the global economy, but also the British one. The structure of the course is well thought. The student is introduced some examples on how to use the platform udemy which enables him/ her to succeed and complete the course by being awared. The core system of the course is the Q&A session where international students do have the unique possibility of posing questions and answers related to a specific theme. By so doing, current and updated socioeconomic knowledge is built up on a very sustainable and profound level. Without overstating but I rarely saw any engaged lecturer who really lives for the very complex and difficult subject such as economics. It is worthwhile to mention that, apart from economics, many other fields are covered including culture and politics. This course is a give and take activity. Rather than just passively sitting in front of the computer, I can confirm that one’s outcome significantly increases and stays abouve by doing workbooks, homework and classroom participations. In closing, I also want to highlight the educational announcements where the lecturer posts current and relevant issues that, if wanted and necessary, can be transferred to the Q&A room. Finally, I can recommend this course as it can be done full or part-time according to one’s needs, wants and likes. A big thank you for the continuous engagement, resilience and communication on this course as it helps to improve social, planning and conceptual skills in the long run.

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  5. Isabel Torralba

    This is definetly one of the most in-depth courses around here for people interested in micro-economics, specialy begginers. The main reason being because it isn’t an crash class on the subject, just trying to offer some dictionary definitions on the topics, but an honest walkthrough for newbies

    other main points


    +Great priority of topics and decent presentation, which is in line with most college lvls courses -> (while it doesn’t go as far as showing, said, Slutsky’s equation, it does give you proper tools to understand microeconomics and uses repetition to solidify knowledge)

    +Classes are being updated and contextualized according to current global issues, with treding topics such as Brexit, COVID-19 etc and others whose fad never went -and probably won’t go- away, such as gender gap, global warming etc

    +Workbooks that incentivizes you to research and expand your knowledge

    +If you have time and diligence, you can chase the Oxford Diploma

    +Great price given the material is vast and perennial


    If you’re interested, the professor ministering it also offer courses for people looking for solace in activities such as art therapy and grief counseling; and -unlike some other sellers on the plataform- doesn’t embarass you into buying: it’s just there


    -Far from being Coursera, with classes limited by students, scheduled avaliations, private answers etc Udemy isn’t the best plataform to verify if a student is truly learning…or to organize yourself. Perhaps that’s why they made a not so discrete ‘upgrade’ by creating Udemy Business. While that’s not specific to this course, I see both Mr. Bankes having to emphasize to students that they need to answer questions in the proper session, not ~flood~ the Q/A with definitions that aren’t exaclty necessary etc and students having a hard time finding a topic that they should expand -instead of creating a new one-; because the Q/A ins’t standardized (ex.: a student refers to a workbook in the 302th lesson as “Session 20 – Brexit Workbook”, other as “link 4 – 302”, another as “S20 – 302” and many don’t know how to use the “current class” feature. While that’s an issue with people not knowing how to use Udemy properly, I see it’s frustrating for both sides and would like to suggest for Mr. Bankes to offer this course in a plataform that better embraces it’s proposition

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  6. Faith mwansa

    it is good so far

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  7. Arpita Das

    i had a great time watching earlier videos and learning from Mr Chris and now this relevant topic about Ukraine and Russia war will definitely help me explaining it to my students as well

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  8. Hao Jiet

    Great lecturer. Informative content. had no issues at all understanding the concepts despite having not much background in economics!

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  9. Satvik Sanjeev Bhujle

    Very Informative and easy to comprehend for beginners

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  10. Liubava Semenkova

    I do enjoy the teaching style. It breaks me out if the passive listening, encouraging to focus more on the content

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  11. Taylan Nuhoğlu

    Kesinlikle evet,

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  12. Jean-Luc MEGARD

    très enrichissant

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    Oxford Diploma in Microeconomics/Business courses ( 47+ hrs)
    Oxford Diploma in Microeconomics/Business courses ( 47+ hrs)


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