Oxford Diploma in Macroeconomics (February 2023 onwards!)

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Macroeconomics: 2021 Budgets; USA Economy, government macroeconomic policies, workbooks, multiple choice tests…

12 reviews for Oxford Diploma in Macroeconomics (February 2023 onwards!)

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  1. Mukund Soni

    I found it a very detailed and interesting course which makes macroeconomics easy to learn for beginners.
    The teacher is very up-to-date, and covers the latest topics in this course, allowing me to understand how macroeconomics fits in with the present situation in the UK (such as Brexit/ The Pledges).
    The lectures are all also concise, making learning bite-sized, and more fun!
    I would recommend this course to any others who wish to learn the basics of macroeconomics and how it fits in with the current (pre-Brexit) situation of the UK!

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  2. V.Siddharth Shankar

    This course is very nice and the lectures of Chris Bankes Sivewright are simply awesome. If you take this course you will be able to know some of the important principles of macroeconomics. The workbooks attached to this course will give you a clear idea of the topics of climate change emissions, Christmas economics, and more. Even if you are not an economics student this course will be very helpful to you as in my case. As an engineering student, I had the passion to learn economics and this course gave me all the insights I need to know. I took this course in 2019 and continuing to learn more things from the professor and fellow mates even now. That’s how nice this course is!

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  3. Cat Marriott

    The course is extremely comprehensive and insightful and the content is up-to-date and relevant in our fast changing world. (Covid 19) After finishing the course I can say there is some amazing content within the lectures and you learn things that you might never have looked at. E.g. the electricity gap in Nigeria and that MTBU stands for Maximum Time to Belly Up. Chris, the lecturer is passionate about his students learning and this comes through in the lectures. He is an avid reader and clearly up to date on a wide range of topics, and provides thought provoking feedback on your questions which I enjoyed. Unfortunately he has a lot of courses and so at the time of writing, only half my questions have been commented upon. One recommendation I have would have is to review what is required to obtain the diploma. The university ratio is 3 hours own work per hour of lecture (plus exams and assignments). Even answering only half the questions during the lecture and completing only a couple of the 24 workbooks in this course, I spent at least 60 hours of my time in researching and writing but I am nowhere near finished to get the diploma! I would recommend cutting the number of workbooks and even letting the student choose their topics to increase people’s willingness to complete all the work. Some of the workbooks I didn’t find relevant to what I wanted to learn and the Christmas Workbook I found extremely depressing. My other recommendation would be to include a resource with all the external links. Overall an outstanding course, if you want to engage.

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  4. Elena C

    The course is taught with authority and commands resilience and work from students. This makes it harder and more time consuming than other courses where passive listening seems to be enough. I do recommend it to those who value persistence, application of theory into practice, and critical thinking in their endeavor to understand macro-economics.

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  5. Mauricio Artur Copatti

    Very good course. I am brazilian and the english is easy to understand.

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  6. Daniel Díaz Rangel

    This course, like many others in which Professor Chris Bankes teaches, is full of lessons on fundamental topics of macroeconomics, divided into small 3 or 4-minute classes that become very digestible for the student. Bankes manages to express complex issues in economics in a simple way and takes the time so that education is also complemented by research and reading of relevant articles by the student.
    In addition, the course also has classes with very good advice on health care and life balance, and addresses current and relevant topics (such as COVID-19) while linking them to the study of macroeconomics.
    Finally, in this course there are many people who have diverse profiles in the geographical, professional and academic senses. The discussions and comments found in some of the classes are really smart and exciting.

    What I would have liked to be different:
    For one thing, Professor Bankes can sometimes be repetitive in his explanations, often inserting past lectures into new videos.
    Second, pursuing the Oxford Diploma, although contributing towards a very rich instruction for the student, can become tedious: it requires spending too many hours of study outside of class. It is a task of several months, or even more than a year, to be able to complete all the requirements of the Diploma.
    Finally, the topics seen in class are of a completely basic level (high school/preparatory, or as precursors to university studies). Chances are, if you’re looking for a college-oriented instruction, you’ll need to supplement this course with others, either on Udemy or other platforms.

    Either way, it is always a pleasure to be able to participate in the Bankes classes. It is a good place to start a training in Economics (or any of the subjects that the teacher teaches) and obtain a certificate.

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  7. Lamar Devonta Sanders

    Insightful. Even though this an Economics course, the geopolitical references is also key to understanding.

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  8. Mohamed haji elmi guled


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  9. Ricardo Daher Oliveira

    Great. The Course is very good. Presents current and relevant topics

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  10. Thomas Budniok

    When I started with this course, I was a bit irritated about the concept and the structure first.
    But after a few hours I would say: This course is genial. This course definitely force to think or better to rethink a lot about the financial and social situation in the world, even as an economist.
    But this course to not like grabbing fast food, lay down and eat. It is rather like preparing a sophisticated menu from scratch.

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  11. Halvard Hotvedt Widerøe

    I thought it was a good course, because of the quality of the lectures and the amount of homework needed to be done. Ths forces the students to think critically for themselves and dig deeper into the material.

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  12. Anonymous

    Up until now there is a lot of noise. I am at video 29 and there are a lot of introductions, opinions, how to use the course, how to use Udemy, about a diploma. But after 29 video’s or more then 4 hours of watching I am no further in learning about macroeconomics then I was before.

    I think you could compress the past 29 video’s to about 30 min of actual facts about the economy by just making to the point statements.

    Also I am starting to play the video’s at x 1,25% speed because of the slow speed of talking.

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    Oxford Diploma in Macroeconomics (February 2023 onwards!)
    Oxford Diploma in Macroeconomics (February 2023 onwards!)


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