(February 2023) Economic analysis: Black Friday and more…

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(Includes Oxford Diploma) Buy one get 5 million free…..? But does that make it right? (Workbook included)

12 reviews for (February 2023) Economic analysis: Black Friday and more…

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  1. Sebastian Meyer

    The reason why I chose and eventually enrolled on this short economic course is because I am interested in economics, more precisely in microeconomics with taxation and budgets.

    The course is clearly structured and user friendly organised and planned. The student is welcomed and introduced in the first section where instructions, motivation and a plan with a specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed goal is provided on hand. The video and audio quality are beyond expectations and are of a very high and competitive quality and standard. As for someone whose first language is not English, the instructor overcomes language barriers very quickly which proves a reasonable level of intercultural as well as social competence.

    Each section has an opening, a middle and ending part where workbooks are added to dive into the material even deeper for analysing and improving conceptual skills. By so doing, the lecturer has been able to maintain enthusiasm, engagement with communication through a number of different means through the udemy online mail system on time. Each and every single answer is responded in a fashionable time with high quality content and substance. What makes the lecturer unique is his way to spark off continuous learning in our vivid and fast paced economic life.

    In a nutshell, participation is more than welcome and the student is free to either partake and interact with other students and the lecturer. Ultimately, I can recommend this way of e-Learning and the content for those who are interested in joining an online classroom with recent and updated information on the economy.

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  2. Rey L. Vallespin

    Why learning english? It is essential in today’s globalized world. Thank you mr. Chris you such have a wonderful heart, we’re not only learning but we had now an idea how to learn more. More power to your programme and your motivation or desire to achieve for helping people also for those in needs.

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  3. Vlad

    yes, theory about consumer psychology, you could make your course less in time without any loss of its meaning

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  4. Kasparov Jean Jacques

    Well, I should say this is not the type of content I expected normally from an economic course. It’s like a small talk with someone where you need argument to defend you thought.

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  5. Subhrajyoti Saha

    Another fantastic course by Chris. In this he has highlighted the various marketing tactics used by retailers during holiday season to entice the customers. He obviously delves into the economics of the same but also questions the value proposition from the customer POV. Also highlighted are the reprehensible behaviour of people who in the quest to land the discounts indulges in the most shameful behaviour. So overall he not only analyses the entire discourse from the prism of an economist but also shares his own stance on the same from the POV of his values and ethics. Overall a very good course and a lot of thing I learnt.

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  6. Thanooj Kambrath

    Explanation about the topics are done very precisely by the instructor. The Q&A section helps to see other students view about certain events. Its a nice course overall.

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  7. Nabeel shaikh

    The course was very comprehensive and easy to understand. The instructors made sure that they are giving the information in a way that won’t make me confused. The homeworks gave me more idea about the topic.you so much for this great course!

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  8. Franklin Daniel Bustillos Blacutt

    As in all courses tought by Chris, you will have plenty of themes/lessons to learn, and your questions will be read, an answered. If some of the content/unit not directly related to sales does not interest you, you can simply skip it. I personally enjoyed the course and learnt a lot about sales and heart strokes.

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  9. Ryan Quinn

    A Deep Insight Into Economics, Politics & Sociology

    Initially I downloaded this course as I was bored, had spare time on my hands and because I had a genuine interest in economics. I saw this course was taught by Chris Sivewright, a world-class economist, teacher and author and I thought to myself “Well surely this course must be good if it’s by him? But why is it free? What does he have to gain from having free coupons to his course which he’s invested time and money into?”. I soon found out the answer to this question, it’s because he’s not looking to make money off this or to further his self-esteem or anything of that sort, it’s because this man is genuinely looking to help educate people on things people may be unaware of such as: the tricks retailers use to manipulate customers into buying their products, the dangers of large transnational corporations such as Amazon and how social behaviours shape modern economics.

    The course begins with a set of rules which students MUST follow in order to gain the most out of the course such as posting in the Q/A and posting your answers in pre-existing threads for questions already asked. I would highly suggest everyone to follow and to respect these rules and these help to add a sense of community and by extension, shared learning and engagement to the course which benefits everyone involved.

    The prelude of the course begins with by helping the viewer of the course to understand societal-economics and delves into concepts such as anchoring in a fun and engaging manner whilst relating these economics concepts to the world around us. I thought this was quite clever on Chris’ part and that it added a element of uniqueness to the course, that when combined with the Q/A function helped to solidify these concepts in my head and relate them better to everyday-life.

    The course then follows on, with a deep dive into Black Friday (and how these retailers employ various strategies such as loss leader pricing policies on this day in order to maximise store sales), price discrimination, buyer’s remorse and behavioral economics. It does this all while relating all these topics to human physiology, something which I as an AS business studies student rarely see done in CCEA textbooks! overall, these sections in particular were very interesting to me and really fascinating.

    The next two sections provide guidance on how to avoid the tricks retailers use and how to become more ethical and socially responsible when shopping. In addition to this, these sections push you to connect more with people in the course’s Q/A and it pushes you to improve the quality of your written communication as you are expected to write in a more essay-like structure towards the end of the course.

    Finally, the last section lectures us on the devastating social and economic burdens of strokes on teaches us how to prevent them and provides us with suggestions on how to recover from them. This section also highlights the importance of the UK’s voluntary sector and asks us if hypothecated taxes are a suitable solution to provide funding for public health services.

    Overall, I believe this course is truly superb and would be of great value to anyone who has an interest in society, economics or politics or even just to someone who wants to better informed on how to more effectively shop in the future. I am yet to finish the extended essay at the end of this course but, I will say I really enjoyed this course and hope everyone else who does it enjoys it too.

    Thanks Chris for the course and thank YOU for reading my review on this wonderous masterpiece!

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  10. B K Manoj Gowda

    Good Course

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  11. Abdifatah Heydar Abdiaziz

    Insight into Economics, Politics, and Sociology I initially downloaded this course because I was bored, had free time on my hands, and had a genuine interest in economics. I noticed that this course was taught by Chris, a world-class economist, teacher, and author, and I thought to myself, “This course has to be good if it’s taught by him, right? But how come it’s free? What does he stand to gain by providing free vouchers for his time and money-invested course? “. I soon discovered the answer to this question: it’s because he’s not looking to make money or boost his self-esteem or anything of the sort; rather, he’s looking to help educate people.

    Chris also provided an excellent course. He has emphasised the different marketing strategies employed by merchants to woo customers throughout the holiday season. He plainly dives into the economics of the questions the customer’s value proposition. Overall, a really nice course with a lot of new information. The course begins with a series of guidelines that students MUST follow in order to get the most out of the course, such as participating in the Q/A and answering questions in pre-existing threads.

    I strongly advise everyone to observe and respect these principles, as they contribute to a feeling of community and, as a result, shared learning and participation in the course, which benefits everyone engaged. There is so much to learn here that I thoroughly loved and learnt from the course. The content is well-organized and targeted. In an early lecture, you were assigned the responsibility of posting constructively. This training was brief yet really interesting and beneficial. It also aided me in comprehending other points of view. This is by far the best online course I’ve ever taken.
    thanks to you

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  12. Chandra Wibawa

    Nice n relax

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    (February 2023) Economic analysis: Black Friday and more…
    (February 2023) Economic analysis: Black Friday and more…


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